July 9, 2012

I love getting mail...

As long as it's not a bill.


Remember how I recently participated in C.R.A.F.T's Package Pals? I never got a chance to share the cool things I got from my pal last time because they got spread around the house before I took pictures. Oops. But this time I was a good blogger and took pictures!

I was so lucky to get hooked up with the sweetest pal this time around, Kristy from Cup of Jo. You've got to go check out her blog. She's super creative and just plain funny! We shared some info and laughs via email during the month of June and then, Oh happy day, I got an amazing package of goodies!

Kristy knew my living room was gray and navy blue, and the chevron matches my curtains. LOVE these!

DIY mugs! She included directions on how I can make my own, but my handwriting is much, much, much worse than hers. And I can't draw worth a flip... but I love the idea! haha

How cute are these? Kristy and I agree that when it comes to wine, Moscoto is the way to go! These wine markers can come in handy for a party or wine tasting with friends.

These handmade coasters are awesome! I really like the kind of tile she used, and she even put little rubber thingamabobs on the bottoms so they wouldn't scratch the furniture. So smart, that Kristy!

This necklace is adorable, and I love that I can flip it over for some gray chevron action!

Kristy made these vases out of frap bottles! I had mentioned that our master bedroom has a lot of robin's egg blue and that I was considering adding some pops of yellow. Here's a start!

So yeah, she totally spoiled me and I hope she enjoyed the package I sent to her half as much as I loved hers! Again, I'm a bad blogger and forgot to take pictures until the box was all taped up, so I will "borrow" some from her when she shares her package on her blog.

Thanks again, Kristy!! You da best!