June 29, 2011

The beauty I almost left behind!!

This project was a good reminder that if something catches my eye at a thrift store or yard sale, unless it costs an insane amount or has unrepairable damages, I should probably snatch it up.

There's just something so sweet and romantic about a candelabra, and I had actually never come across one until last week during a 5-minute stop at my local Goodwill. It was one of those things where I saw it, picked it up and thought about how much I'd like to have it, then thought about how it might never get used, and then set it back down to check out the rest of the home decor items. And then I get this unsettling feeling that some hateful old woman snuck up behind me to snatch it up and take it home only to let it collect dust along with all the other candle holders, knick knacks, and cat figurines she's collected over the years. So I quickly raced back to rescue the candelabra from such a life. And here she is-In MY house! What I didn't even realize until I got home was that the arms move so you can have them side by side or spread out.

I could have polished her up or gave her a new coat of a metallic finish paint, but I had something else in mind. Just two steps and this beauty was good to go!

1. Clean out old nasty red and pink wax. Really? Pink taper candles??
2. Apply ivory spray paint.

Prepare to be jealous...

I'd be jealous, too. If you were to buy one of these things new, it would not come cheap. If you were wanting one to use for a wedding or other event, it might be worth keeping an eye out for one to fix up, because I'm sure the rental price would even be high! I'm just imagining how great this will be for holiday decorating and parties (baby shower, bridal shower, etc.)

Totally worth the $4.00 I spent on her, no??

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June 23, 2011

My mom is going to be so excited...

Well, it happens to everyone who starts a blog, I think. Take a break that turns into an 8 month hiatus. I really do think about writing often, and my mom's occassional emails/texts saying "it's time to update your blog!" assured me that at least someone was reading. Just for some reason I couldn't get excited about it.

The truth is, and my lovely friend Brenda can verify, that I read a lot of blogs. A lot. And often. There are a few that I "follow" because they are geniouses when it comes to couponing/being frugal or cooking/creating, but then there are those days where I spend my entire lunch break clicking from one to the next, never really knowing how I ended up where I did (much like my sweey husband does on YouTube). I am generally reading and bookmarking blogs from women who love the things that I love and do the things I wish I had more time to do. These women are more often than not, staying home with kids, making meals and goodies from scratch, cleaning, thrifting, crafting, and just overall making their lives and homes drop-dead gorgeous and filled with thought and love. And I guess I just thought since I'm not "there" yet, my blog wasn't exactly what I wanted it to be.

But I realize, and will make a better effort to remember that my life is happening right now. I have a good job that I'm very thankful for that allows me to shop and eat out and have electricity and go on trips and buy Adam lemon pudding even when it's not on sale just because he's weird and loves it. Our home is not as clean or organized or put-together as well as I would like it to be, but it's comfortable and it's where we share our lives with each other. God has blessed us with a home and I become prouder of the work we've put into it every day. And it's so fun and rewarding making it more beautiful and personal in a practical way, using thrift store/yard sale finds and things I've made with my own hands.

I love to cook and I know one day God will allow me to be at home and planning healthy meals for our family, but I need to give myself credit for what I'm doing now! The average girl my age without kids is not planning each week's meals ahead of time based on what's already in the house and what's on sale. They're definitely not making an effort to do a lot of meatless meals or use organic ingredients or making things from scratch rather than using prepackaged foods.

God has blessed us so much (just celebrated our first anniversary!) and I'm starting to see Him prepare a path for our lives and I'm so, so excited. But tomorrow is tomorrow and today is HERE. NOW. And I want you guys to come along with me and experience the things I love. I want to share with you things I've made, cooked, found, did that made my day GREAT. We've got a lot of fun things coming up so I anticipate some new posts to come very soon, so stay tuned! I've also asked Mr. Wyatt to help me make my blog look less sucktastic, which I'm sure you'll appreciate. And we finally got our camera fixed (actually, replaced), and who doesn't want to read a blog that has pictures??

So, hang with me and find out more about Our Life's Legacy.

Oh, by the way, can we just pretend that we don't see the weight tracker down there from September? I won't ask about your weight if you don't ask about mine. :)