About Me and Mine...

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Welcome! My name is Dana and I'm from Portland, TN, a "smallish" town just north of Nashville. After graduating high school and getting my associate's degree at a local community college I moved to Jackson, TN to attend Union University. I LOVE UU!

Union was amazing and one of the best parts of the experience was walking away with some of the best friends a girl could ask for. I had fantastic roommates. One of my roommates was named Ashlinn.

Ashlinn, Me

Ashlinn and I became great friends quickly. We talked all the time about our past, things we had done and people we had known.  She waited a good two and a half years before ever mentioning someone in particular she knew.  Until one day she said "Dana, I have this really weird friend I think you should meet".

Meet we did!

Me and Adam about one month into dating

Adam and I met and clicked and did the long-distance dating thing for about six months. He was the funniest person I'd ever met, he loved Jesus, he made me feel so special, and he loved sushi. Done deal.  I quit my job in Jackson and headed east to begin a new life in Chattanooga to be closer to my new favorite person. I found a great job assisting elderly and disabled clients to receive services at home so they could stay out of the nursing home (the job I still have now!) After a little more than two years of dating I FINALLY heard the words I'd been waiting my whole life to hear...

February 6, 2010. We're engaged!

And then THREE MONTHS LATER came the wedding of my dreams surrounded by the people I love the most. I married my best friend!

May 22, 2010

Now we're loving life and establishing a family legacy of being good stewards with our money, eating well, giving and serving generously, and soaking up every sweet moment of life together. No kiddos yet, but we have the most precious pets ever!




We have BIG goals and plans but are excited to what God has in mind for us! Thanks for letting me share our life with you!