June 11, 2010

The start of something good!

Well, here it is. My first blog post! Look how technologically savvy I am! I have just been thinking lately about how my family and friends are literally all over the place these days, and it would be nice to have a way to let everyone in on what's going on in our life...not to say our life is all that exciting. haha. Nonetheless, I'd love to share what God's doing in our life, what we're learning and experiencing, and hear from the people we love and who love us! I'm much better at expressing myself in writing than in other ways, so you may actually get more information out of me this way. ha.

God is forever and perfectly good and thankfully it was in His plan for Adam and I to marry, and we did that just about three weeks ago! It was a beautiful and special wedding and we had so much fun spending that time with family and friends. We spent a wonderful week in North Myrtle Beach, and I can't tell you how fun it was to finally get to go on a vacation with my best friend!

Now we're home and trying to make sense of a life together, and its definitely a learning experience! I have to admit that I've recently developed a new pet peeve. I cannot stand when people ask me "how's married life?" only to mock me when I say "it's great!". "I'll ask you a year from now" they say... "just wait. You won't be able to stand each other eventually" they say. I'm sorry that your marriage sucks (or sucked), but that doesn't mean they all have to! Sure, marriage will be difficult, but life lived alone is difficult! Why wouldn't I want someone else to go through it with? Adam and I will both tell you very honestly that we can drive each other absolutely nuts but when I get my goodbye kiss in the morning or my "welcome to the no-work, at-home part of our day" hug in the evening, I am so beyond thankful that we have each other for the rest of our lives. What a blessing! It's worth the effort, its worth the compromise. And I can almost guarantee you that those people who are so incredibly negative about marriage never invited God into their's. I pray that God will always be our center and we look to Him for guidance as we do life together.

Ok, so not the most graceful or meaningful start, but a start nonetheless! One thing that we talked about before we got married is how excited we were to have an opportunity to start a family legacy of our own, and this involves the way we live, eat, spend our money, love others, whatever! And I hope that's what this blog is all about. I am so passionate about saving money and can't wait to share with everyone how we're living frugally AND abundantly! I'm sure you'll hear all about my "extreme couponing" (hahaha), and I'm looking forward to sharing my adventures in becoming a domestic diva :)

Hope your day is blessed!


  1. This is awesome hon, love it!

  2. Jo and I have been working on our couponing as well. southersavers.com was a great start for us. I got our CVS card in the mail the other day, now we just need to get the process down and we'll start living off of CVS and Walgreens.

  3. I love freckled people!!!!

  4. Andy, I don't know if its the same for guys, but couponing can be FUN- its like a big scavenger hunt for the best deals! haha. My advice is to stock up on stuff when they are at their ROCK BOTTOM price (which usually means they are on sale AND you have coupons). Sales usually run on 10-12 week cycles, so if you can buy enough to last you until the next big sale, you will NEVER pay full price for anything!

    I've had a lot of luck with Walgreens, haven't done much at CVS just because they're not conveniently located.

  5. Hey, I have people say talk negatively about being married all the time. It's awesome, as you now know. Its fun to grow and change and experience new things together. Just wanted to say something positive to you about it!


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