July 6, 2010

MEGA Productive Weekend 2010

So I'm back to work after one of those long weekends where I could use another long weekend to recuperate. You know what I'm talking about. However, I am SO excited and relieved about all that got done and would like to share some of it with you! Please bare with me, its going to be a long one. :) There were even a couple suprises along the way...

First up, I took Friday off to do some of those super un-fun things that come along with getting married like spending your morning at the DMV to get a new license. But I'm glad to officially be Dana Wyatt!

We got our joint accounts at the bank and Adam promises not to use my paycheck to buy any new drums...

Now on to the good stuff. Our house was needing some serious TLC, so my first step was buying something I've been wanting since we painted the kitchen MONTHS ago: curtains! The picture doesn't show the color well, but I swear they're not gold. More of a beige with brown designs. I love them! (Please excuse the mess on the table...)

Just need to get some stuff up on the walls and it will look so nice in there.

Ok, now prepare yourself. The wallpaper you're about to see may or may not cause damage to your eyes if not your spirit. This was our hall bathroom BEFORE the hours and hours of miserable wallpaper removal. Ugh...

And the very classy light fixture:

So now onto the after shots! This first one was taken during the painting process, just to give you an idea of how great this color looks with the tile (Adam and his dad put this tile down last year and I think they did a fabulous job!)

Some creepy guy helped me paint

And now the results! I've only included pictures that don't show the mess thats in the middle of the floor. haha. We've gone with bronze fixtures and we really like the new lighting. Hope to get a cool framed mirror at some point.

Ok, so Adam and I have done a pretty good job with figuring out how to share a home. Compromise, sharing, communication, blah blah blah. But we have two other individuals at our home who had not yet had the privelage of meeting and learning how to coexist quite yet. That would be Conan, the world's goofiest dog, and Jonesy, the world's most handsome cat. I had been preparing myself for their initial meeting, but was not ready yet. And I knew Jonesy wasn't. He hasn't been in the presence of another animal since the day I brought him home from the shelter almost two years ago. Conan's seen and been around cats, and his only desire is that they would play with him and be his friend. Jonesy wasn't even aware that silver mini-horses like Conan exist.

Until Saturday.

I spent the few seconds of the first sighting cowering in the bathroom and screaming. I HATE angry cat sounds and there were plenty of those. Poor Jonesy hissed and growled like I have never heard before. After Jonesy ran to hide in the kitchen and Conan calmed down, I summoned the courage to grab my camera and go in for a closer look.

Conan was bored and his feelings were hurt, and Jonesy was in a to-the-death staring contest with the Evil Silver Beast. Let's just say the 30-minute or so introduction left no one with scratch marks or missing limbs, but the Wyatt animals are not BFF quite yet. Better luck next time.

Back to the house!

The living room will eventually be painted, but one thing we (with a little help) could accomplish this weekend was to change out the seriously out-dated and dust-covered ceiling fan. We HATE gold, so it was definitely time to throw in some nickel accents. Out with the old...

And in with the NEW!!

Now, these pictures have only given you a small idea of the work that got done this weekend and the places we had to go/errands we had to run (and the laundry. Oh, the laundry!). We even squeezed in a suprise lunch with my parents and church on Sunday morning AND I accomplished some batch cooking of grilled chicken for future dinners. However, there are always kinks in any good plan. There's always the thing you didn't see coming. And they happen when you have the LEAST amount of time (energy and patience) to deal with them.

Yes, we got rolled.

Yes, we set the toilet paper on fire for speedy removal.

And yes, Yard Roller, you dropped your watch. No, you cannot have it back.

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