August 9, 2010

Goodwill Gold!

I had survived the hunt through aisles packed with crazed shoppers, and was waiting patiently in line with the other "thrifters". It was Goodwill's 50% off day, and I had scored a few Old Navy tops, some Gap jeans, a metal scroll-design candle sconce (that will soon get a coat of paint!), and a really cute fabric shoulder bag. And then there it was... hanging on the wall behind the registers at the very bottom of the rack. I noticed the color first (I envisioned it with a little black dress or with a brown jacket and jeans in the fall) and then even from a distance I could tell it was good quality and had been well taken care of (if used at all!). A manager was going around collecting hangers and I caught him and asked him to pull it down for me. When he first handed it to me I mostly just thought it was a REALLY nice bag and great find amongst the outdated and well- worn handbags usually found at Goodwill. And then I turned it around. And that's when I saw it.

Michael Kors.

Yes, that Michael Kors.

Now, I'm not too much of a brand name snob, and by NO MEANS would I ever care enough about a brand name to save up money to buy something like this when I can get a great bag at Target for fifteen bucks. But there's just something about knowing that some woman paid almost as much for this bag as I do for a car payment and I found it at Goodwill... it's sort of like winning a shopping Oscar or retail Super Bowl.

Retail Value: Around $230
I paid: $20

I've researched online for all the things to look for to spot a real Michael Kors bag, and everything I see leads me to believe this is the real deal.


I'm going to try to link up to Southern Hospiltality, one of my fave blogs to share my deal! I'm a goober and cannot for the life of my figure out how to get her fancy shmancy button up so you can go directly to her site, but here's the link:

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  1. What a fabulous find..I was over visiting at Southern Hospitality and the little photo of your great purse brought me over here. I love how you used that great Michael/Heidi photo in your post! Fun....


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