July 7, 2011

Give me a cooking challenge!

It's no secret that I love to cook, and I try new recipes frequently.  There are some weeks where I make a new recipe every night, and I love it. 

I mostly use allrecipes to find new recipes (if you use it a lot, too, you'll eventually see one of my reviews or uploaded pictures!) and I'm too embarrassed to even tell you how many recipes I have saved on there that I want to try.  It's A. LOT.  The problem is there are some recipes I've had saved forever and just neer seem to get around to, even though other allrecipes users have given them really high reviews and ratings.  So I thought it might be fun if you guys help me start knocking some of those recipes off of the "to do" list and get them on the "done" list!

Here's your mission, if you choose to accept it:

Look over the following recipes and choose the one you'd most like to see me try out and write about on here.  I'll include pictures of the process, the finished product, and what Adam and I had to say about it. For this round I chose some recipes that had a "weird factor" so this should be fun. 

In order to get your vote counted, you have to leave a comment on this post and let me know what I should cook! (I need people to actually comment here, or this will be slightly embarrassing.  You can't ask a question in a post and not get any answers.  It's a total diss, blog-style.)

We really like all the ingredients in this recipes, but we just haven't put them together before! Quinoa is so good for you, so I've been trying to use it to replace rice and pasta in a lot of our meals lately. I've also not really used sweet potatoes yet in a savory recipe.

Honestly, the name of these gross me out.  They might be great cookies, but why do we have to openly announce they have vinegar in them? When I think vinegar, I think cleaning.  And I don't generally mix cookies and cleaning.

This may be perfectly normal to some of you folks, and that's cool.  I actually think I will love this, but I think Adam gets confused when I make side dishes that could pass as dessert. What kind of main dish would you serve this with?

The Wyatt family is A-Ok with meatless meals, so this is kind of a no-brainer for us.  I make black bean burritos all the time, so this seems like a natural next step. 

So, spill... what recipe would you like me to try out before you make it for your family? Or what do you think will turn out terribly and make for a really entertaining post?

You have until Sunday July 10 at 1:00pm Eastern time to vote! (I got to know what I'm adding to my shopping list for my Sunday grocery trip :) )


  1. I vote #1.. sounds like a pretty rare and interesting combo. And I dont want to make it--- so that's why I want you too :)

  2. I think #2 sounds interesting. I bet the heat brings out the sweetness in the vinegar while removing the harshness. I could be wrong, it happens. If they are bad you can always ground them up to use as corse scrubbing agent when cleaning. If nothing else, they'll make for an oddly scented kitchen. Mindy

  3. All of the recipes sound great, but I can't get over #3, the carrot souffle. I've been racking my brain to come up with a great meal to go with it. It almost seems like the carrot souffle would be something good over the holidays as a replacement for sweet potato casserole, so of course I think of good (not necessarily good for you) Thanksgiving home cooking. But I'm thinking you could also pair it with some kind of baked chicken and another vegetable like asparagus, corn, green beans. Look in your saved recipes to see if you have any good chicken recipes. I just saw one for Pesto Cheesy Chicken Rolls that looked really good, but a good lemon pepper chicken might also do the trick. These are just some thoughts. I'll be interested to see what you will make! ~Kim

  4. #3. I have had this before and it is yummy. Oh and share the recipe. I am following you back!!!

  5. Well dear you know me, I am going to have to go with #2!!


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