December 11, 2011

Owl-Themed Baby Shower

It was a hoot!

Come was bound to be said eventually.

Our friends, Brad and Cristina already have one kiddo, Lyric, who happens to be one of the sweetest and most adorable little boys ever but in just a few short weeks a precious baby GIRL will join the family! If there's anything worth celebrating its a baby, and so well over a month ago  recently we threw them another one of our infamous co-ed baby showers. This time around it was owl-themed because Baby Girl's room will be done in owls. And I am SUCH a fan of this idea! I love owls!

The first project I worked on a few weeks before the shower was a wreath that Crisitna could hang on the door of the baby's room or even on the wall. It started with this little gal...

Made with felt, fabric, thread and hot glue

I put her on a yarn-wrapped wreath with some felt "branches" and some paper flowers and buttons and voila!

It's probably one of my favorite wreaths I've ever made. That's why I've started on a similar one for myself...haha!

Then came party day! Our amazing friend Amy was the hostess with the mostest and had decorated her house with the cah-utest stuff. I brought along any and all bird-themed paraphernalia as well. Here's some of the  decorations:

The money tree with a couple of my pretty little silver birds I got from WUSLU

This cute little guy usually sits on my front porch

Owl balloons!

Amy made this adorable diaper banner and owl-themed diaper cake!

I got this trivet from Goodwill months ago so of course he got in on the action :)

On to the food!!

Can't find an owl-shaped cookie cutter? No problem! Amy made this with a tulip-shaped cutter. So smart, right??

Me and my friend Brenda made this too-cute owl and nest cupcakes. I got the idea for the owls HERE

My stupid memory card got full before I could get any pictures of the guests and all the fun games Amy had planned. However, if you do happen to plan an owl-themed baby shower for any of your friends, you have to play Whoo's Whoo (haha, so clever...). It's simple: have all of your guests bring a picture of themselves when they were a baby and have everyone guess whoo's whoooo! This was so fun, and who doesn't love looking at old pictures??

The DIY Show Off


  1. Oh I love all the decorations & the wreath you made is adorable! The Whoo's Whoo game is a great idea too! = )

  2. What a great theme...the owls are adorable, and you all planned out all the details so well! Would you share here?

  3. What a wonderful idea for a baby shower! Thank you for sharing. I am your newest follower and I look forward to reading more of your posts! I would appreciate it if you took a moment to stop over at my blog and followed me back. Thank you!

  4. Extremely beautiful decorations and owl shaped cakes have made this baby shower more frolic. I am planning my mother’s birthday at one of fabulous Venues in San Francisco in a couple of weeks. Thinking of baking home made cookies to surprise her.


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