December 14, 2011

Printer/Type Tray Ideas

I need you to be honest with me. I'm the biggest nerd you know, right?

I know. I admit it.

On my last super speedy stop at Goodwill (I literally spend less that 5 minutes in there whenever I go. I know exactly where to go and what I'm looking for.) I scored quite a few fun craft supplies, including a couple card-making kits, normally $17.00 for members... I got them for $2 each- brand new! I also got a couple plastic storage containers with drawers, because you can never have too many containers for organization!

But what got me really excited, for no explainable reason was a lonely little print tray on the bottom shelf. I immediately snatched it up because I knew the possibilities were endless! My first thought was using it in my one-day-my-wish-will-com-true craft room to store beads or other teeny tiny things. But then... the internet happened and I saw such fun ways I could use it, besides the obvious use of organization. Let's explore, shall we?

I love this cute little Christmas display but it sure looks like a lot of work and it would only allow me to use the tray during the holidays. Boo.

Genius, I tell ya! What a fun way to store/display some of my favorite jewelry! This also makes me think that I could display vintage jewelry that I didn't wear (and could find at thrift stores/yard sales) solely as art in a bathroom or guest bedroom.

So, no- I haven't started my dice collection...yet. Nor would have I ever thought to collect dice... but I L.O.V.E this. It's such a cool way to decorate, with little pieces of the past. How cool would this be in a game room/casual den? I'm sure I could think of other small items to use, but this is awesome.

Yeah, it's great. I already have some shells I could use, but may need to buy some more fancy-shmancy shaped ones. Or I need to book a fabulous vacation on the beach to work on my collection. Oh, wait. Done! Come ooonnnn Spring! :) :) 

Anyway, my tray is pretty big (I'm not with it right now but I would say it's around the size of a pizza box) and it has lots and lots of small compartments. It's pretty much the color of the tray in the last picture, and I can't imagine wanting to paint over that pretty brown.

So.... whatcha think? Have you seen these guys before? Do you like the idea of using it for wall decor? What do you think I should do with it?


  1. I like all those display ideas, but i have to say I like the organizational idea better....only because of dusting the display stuff!

  2. I like that holiday display one as well, but it does look like a lot of work and it's too bad you could only use it during the holidays or you could have the holiday parts removable. I also like the jewelry box idea, although for myself it would be a bit small probably because I have lots of jewelry and continue to get more.

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  3. I love the dice display. Simple, yet I would have never thought of it. I could also see displaying stray game pieces that have been lostseparated from their original game.

    Found you on "Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop" and have enjoyed reading your posts. Feel free to check out my site - :)

  4. Hi, neat post! Popping in from "Finding New Friends" Hop :)

    Joined via GFC ... Please drop by my site if you get a chance!


  5. Love the shell display. Not filling every space lends a nice simplicity and sense of restraint. The end result is really pleasing.


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