March 2, 2012

Design Inspirations: Master Bedroom

Well, we OFFICIALLY closed on our old house this week and you have no idea how excited we are to have that all taken care of. God is so good and the whole process of selling our house was just so much less stressful and awful than I thought it was going to be. I'm very happy to have that chapter end and start a new one in the NEW HOUSE!!

I'm working on getting the before pictures of our house on a CD so I can share them with you and I can't wait! You're just not going to believe it. I am living in the house and I still can't believe it! But for now I did want to share with you some of my plans for furnishing and decorating our home.

First up, the master bedroom! Our new master is HUGE and it feels so nice to be able to spread out a little bit and not feel so cramped. The best part of having this nice-sized space is that I can do a sitting area like I've always wanted in my master.

It's pretty obvious from my inspiration pictures what my color scheme is: gray, white, brown, and icy blues. The room is already painted in Behr's Graceful Gray, the color we used in the living area/hall in the old house. I also like the idea of using silver/nickel and mirror accents. Let me know what you think...

To celebrate closing day, Adam and I went out to eat and then went shopping for new bedding (although I'm sure it wasn't his ideal way to celebrate, he was a good sport and let me look around and touch and feel all the bedding without being too impatient with me...). I got exactly what I wanted, all white bedding, including some nice sheets that were a splurge (but totally worth it! Once you've slept on good sheets everything else kind of sucks) and a new down comforter. I love sleeping in fluffy, all white bedding because it feels so much like staying at a luxury hotel. We already have a comfortable bed, so this was just the icing on the cake! Now I just need to get some pretty accent pillows and maybe a throw blanket to put on the foot of the bed and we'll be good to go!

Weather permitting we'll be driving to Georgia tomorrow to get the pieces to complete our bedroom suite AND my dream dining room set...

Happy Friday!!

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