June 1, 2012

Good Things

Life has been good lately. Here are some reasons why (If you follow me on facebook, most of this is old news)...

Adam and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary last week and it was wonderful. He had class on the night of our anniversary, so while he was gone I got out some decorations left over from our wedding and jazzed up on living room. When he came home we had a little candlelight, an AMAZING strawberry cream cake from Greenlife, and a little dancing to our first dance song. It was great.

Speaking of great, Adam's great, He had the most beautiful flowers I've ever received sent to me at work. They filled the office with the sweet smell of roses, and everyone loved them. The chocolate that came with them didn't hurt either...

Last year we celebrated our anniversary during our vacation, which was a cruise to Mexico. Fabulous! We're saving up our money and time off for a big trip next year (Alaskan cruise with my family! Eek!), so we decided a little weekend getaway would suffice this time around. We spent Memorial Day weekend in Gatlinburg/Piegon Forge and had a lot of fun. This area can be really cheesy and packed with tourists, but there's always a lot to do and great food to eat. The highlight of our trip was definitely where we stayed, Eight Gables Inn. We're becoming B&B fans quick, and this one was amazing. The owners are so thoughtful, the B&B itself was beautiful, and the food was great. Check it out if you're in the area and need a peaceful place to stay!  The picture up there is from our visit to the aquarium, where I fell in love all over again with penguins. They're just so dang cute!

I'm really digging the new cats. They are definitely a handful, and I don't always love waking up to spaghetti on the kitchen floor or miscellaneous hair accessories tore apart in the den, but they're so sweet and fun. It is a common occurrence to have both kitties asleep in my lap while Adam and I watch TV, and I love it.

Booyah! I can grow vegetables! I harvested the first of my green peppers and green beans this week and was so excited. It really makes me look forward to next spring/summer because I plan on doing an actual garden next year. For now my containers are working just fine! I should have some yellow squash ready in a couple of weeks.

And this here was the highlight of my week! I fell in love with this table/cart while visiting my favorite antique storing during my lunch break yesterday, and my sweet hubby went and picked it up for me after he got off of work! I had been having a hard time finding a coffee table for our den, so this just worked out perfectly.

It's looking like this summer is going to be a ton of fun, and we already have so many things planned. Just in the next couple of weeks I get to see one of my best friends from college, I have a ladies' night planned for next week, Adam and I are going to one of those wine-and-paint classes, we have several birthday parties to attend, we're hosting our very first family function at the new house (Father's Day dinner),  and last but not least... we're taking tango lessons!!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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  1. Ahhh...Life is good!
    Love the table! How fun, Wine and painting!
    TANGO...what crazy fun!!!


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