August 28, 2012

It's the little things...

... that bring the biggest smile to my face!

So, I know this isn't a new idea, but it's a first for me and I thought I would remind everyone how fun this simple update can be! 

I was perusing Marshalls the other day after picking up some new shirts for Adam when I spotted the cutest shelf lining paper in the home section. They had lots of great colors and fun patterns. My original idea was to use a pretty aqua quatrefoil pattern to add a little pop to the back of our bookcase in the den. When I got home I realized this was a "no go" because our books pretty much cover the back of the bookcase.

Plan B!

Here's my drawer in the master bathroom before the quick purging and update:

And here's after!
Cute, huh?
I only did the two upper drawers so far, and I'm not even sure Adam has noticed the change that has taken place under his deodorant and toothpaste :)  I have TONS of the lining left, so I'm excited to add it to my crafting supplies. 

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