February 2, 2012

Our life as of late

That's right, folks. We're under contract! On January 19th we received an offer, and after a quick no-drama negotiation of sorts, we were under way! Including our buyer, over three weeks of our house being listed we had 8 showings and an open house (four couples came to that). We were pleasantly surprised by how quickly the showing requests came in, and we were very hopeful that the perfect buyer would come along soon, but we never imagined it would happen in less than a month.

A week after we struck a deal, we had our home inspection. I was a nervous wreck. I had heard story after story of how every single inspection comes back with at least a few things (or as many as twenty), and I was nervous about finding out about something that was wrong that we were unaware of that may cause the buyer to back out. The day after the inspection our realtor called and said:

"Your buyer would like for you to clean out the back gutters."

Holy cow! ALL HE WANTS is for us to clean out the BACK gutters! Not even all the gutters, for crying out loud! I laughed hysterically out of joy and once again had a conversation with God... because I have seen Him clearly working throughout this experience. There's just no denying it at this point. God is amazing...and hilarious.

A few days ago our house was appraised, and that also went well. Now we just have to have a termite inspection, and our house should be done being explored and examined. Our contract lists February 29th as the closing date, but we know that could change depending on what his underwriter decides or how quickly his loan can be finished. And I am not totally naive. I know things happen all the time, and his loan could fall through or a million other bad things could happen. But I know the One who holds the future, so I will not worry!

Yesterday marked FOUR WEEKS until we close, and I am starting to mentally prepare for all that has to be accomplished in the next month. What stresses me out the most is the fact that I will be out of town two out of the four weekends between now and then, and those are the days where the majority of things could get accomplished. (I will, however, get over this stress because those out-of-town weekends mean visits with sweet friends who I just don't see nearly as often as I should!). I know at the end of the day everything will get done and it will be so worth it. I just can't say it enough. God has been so good to us, and I have learned so much about trusting in Him and finding peace in His timing. I would never have thought that less than two months after putting our house on the market we'd be relocated.

Anyway, that's why the old blog has not been #1 priority on my list lately...and probably won't be for a while. I'll be busy boxing up, throwing away, and giving away all of our belongings. And I'll be spending some time thinking about all of the wonderful memories we've made in this house together.

Oh, and you may have noticed how I haven't mentioned our plans for house hunting...

... and THAT is the BEST part of the story!

More to come soon :)


  1. What a relief that is all he wanted. Everything goes through your mind during this process. I think I would have laughed as well. I think that everyone has something as small as it might be like I told you before they said our garbage disposal was to loud but we never noticed it, but we put a new one in which I did myself so it was a cheap fix to get the house sold.


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