March 9, 2012

House Before and After: Front Exterior

Happy Friday! I still don't have any interior shots that I'm ready to share (two out of the three bathrooms in my house do not have mirrors yet...) but I do have fun before and after shots of the front of the house. If you're one of my FB friends, you may have already seen the after shot.

Here's the house when my in-laws originally purchased it. Can't you see it's good "bones" under all that nastiness?? Actually, this picture doesn't really do the state of the house justice. It was gross. There were lots of pieces of siding that needed to be replaced, the house needed a good pressure-washing session, and the landscaping was out of control.

And here it is as of last week! I snapped this shot before hopping in the car for a date night with hubby. I pretty much always take a few seconds to enjoy the view as I'm coming home or leaving . Can't believe it's ours!!

Other than the obvious change in paint, we updated the light fixture, removed the railing and beefed up the columns. They did a great job on the landscaping, but I'm still hoping that one day we can replace that HUGE bush on the right side with something less... awful. I want to get some hanging flower baskets soon.

Also, if you know me in real life, you know that a couple of weeks ago my sweet kitty, Jonesy, sadly passed away. It was awful and I miss him terribly. I never imagined moving to this new house without him. But I'm thankful for the time I got to spend with him, and I like knowing that he at least got to spend some time in the new house, because we would take him over there whenever we had a showing at the old house. It was quite the sight to see him exploring the house, covered in dust and with scraps of wallpaper in his tail.

However, life goes on, and Jonesy would be glad to know that I'm sharing my love with two new kitties, Ringo and Miles! Yes, for some strange reason we got TWO. (I guess I thought it would take two to fill Jonesy's shoes). They are sweet, but much more high maintenance (and trouble-making) than Jones. We're having fun getting to know them better and they make for great entertainment at night. Allow me to introduce you to...


and Miles:

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


  1. Looking good! So much more open with the railing gone. Sorry to hear about your kitty :(

  2. We had a similar railing on the front of our house. We took it down last year, and hopefully soon we can put up some new columns (ours are wrought iron - very 70s!).

    You'll love it when you get rid of the big bush. We took out a whole row of boxwoods and two huge holly bushes. It's nice being able to see the house now!

    Great job, looking forward to seeing your progress.



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