April 18, 2012

I love lamp.

Can I get a collective shout of excitement that yard sale season is finally here??

Is there anything more fun than getting up on a Saturday morning and looking through junk to find treasures at amazing prices? Not in my book. And when you bring along a dear friend for a morning of shopping and laughing, it's just what I need after a long week at work.

This past Saturday was my first morning of yard sales of the spring, and over all it was pretty disappointing. (I had great company, though! Had fun, Brenda!!) There were lots of neighborhood sales which usually means a lot of stuff to look through, but each neighborhood only had a few houses participate. Most of it was junk. But that's how it goes. Some days are awful and some days you just keep finding awesome stuff.  I'll keep my fingers crossed that this weekend will be more fruitful :)

There was only one house that had something we wanted, and it was the first house we stopped at. I spotted this pair of u-g-l-y brass lamps, and for a price of $5.00 I knew I could jazz them up to work in our house. The shape was good, size was good, just needed a bit of updating! So here's what I did to make a great new lamp for our navy/white/gray living room...

Here's one of the lamps in its original brass-nastiness :)

After a quick sanding...

My original plan was to do either stripes in navy and white or some kind of design in the same colors, so I did a quick coat of white paint/primer. After some thought, I realized that the lamp needed to be a solid color so as to not compete with all the other patterns I have going on in the living room.

Yay! It's blue!

Just a little clear top coat, some drying time, and a cheap drum shade from Target and we know have a super cool lamp that I love!!

This was a simple, fun project to occupy my time this weekend and it definitely makes a great impact in our living room (I hope to reveal the room soon!). 

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  1. What a beautiful blue color you chose! I love this transformation. And as a side note, I really like your blog design ;-). Thanks for joining the DIY Talent Parade!

  2. Wow, nice work - I love this. We're so glad you linked up to our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday." Thanks for coming and we hope you'll be back. -The Sisters


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