April 27, 2012

Why it's good to dig at the Goodwill Outlet

(Ever start a post months and months ago and then life happens...and it never gets posted?? Is that just me??)

Anybody have a Goodwill Outlet near them? I don't have one close, but it's always one of my first stops when I go visit my friend Caitie in Asheville, NC. It's not an experience for the faint of heart, but it's amazing what you can get when they charge by the pound! You can stock up on some serious clothes that way, trust me :)

The last time I was in the Goodwill Outlet digging through the piles of nastiness, I saw something sticking out from under the rubble. It had my name written all over it. Here it is after a quick wipe-down back at Caitie's place:

These ornate frames are all over the internet, and are especially popular lately when painted a bold color. Examples:

I toyed around with the idea of using a bright color, but I decided to stick with something that I could use in various rooms as I got bored with it. I also decided that in order to use it in multiple ways, I would leave the mirror untouched and doctor up the opposite side of the glass with... chalkboard paint! The frame got painted months ago and it sat in our garage until we moved to the new house. And then it sat in one of the spare bedrooms :) If it makes you feel better, the frame did get used once in the meantime at a friend's daughter's tea party-themed birthday shindig. She set up a photo booth for the kids, and the frame got used as a prop. It was very cute. 

I finally got around to applying the chalkboard paint a few days ago, and when I found the perfect little table at my favorite antique store for our enry way, I knew that the chalkboard would have a new home, finally! Please excuse the crummy picture from my phone. I never can find my camera battery charger when I need it. Plus, the space looks very monochromatic, but it's not really. Plus, I'll add some pops of color soon, this was just for photo purposes :)

I think it will be a great place to write reminders, scriptures, lovey dovey notes to my hubby, dinner menu when we have people over, or welcome notes to guests. This was my kind of project: cheap and easy!!

PS- Exciting news! My kitchen makeover is being featured at one of my favorite blogs, Better After! Lindsey always shares the coolest transformations, and I'm honored to be included!


  1. Love that ornate frame and how you transformed it!

  2. That looks great! I didn't know there was such a thing as GW outlet.

  3. Dana, your frame came out really cute! I've never found AND frames that look this fantastic at our Goodwill! And believe me I've looked.

    Thanks so much for joining the DIY Talent Parade!


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