May 1, 2012

What I Sent My Package Pal!

I participated in April's Package Pals, a fun little spin on pen pals that Jamie over at C.R.A.F.T came up with. Bascially a bunch of crafty gals get paired up with other crafty gals and we send each other packages of crafty goodness! I got paired up with Kari at Newlyweds on a Budget, and am glad I was! Kari is a sweet girl with a great blog! I totally love seeing how she stretches her budget to make her house a home. And speaking of home, congrats to her and her hubby on just buying their first house. Oh.So.Excting. Not to mention they have an anniversary coming up! Should be an exciting month!

So here's what I sent Kari. This resulted from a combination of using what I had (and could find, since the guest/craft room is a total disaster right now) AND trying to send things that went along with her personality/interests.

Since she and her hubby are about to move into a new house, surely she'll get some great housewarming gifts, so she'll need some thank you cards, right?? I jazzed up a few of them with some fabric flowers and buttons.

Please excusde the sideways picture. My computer is on crack and won't let me flip it!! I had made this little felt owl a while back, but never put him on anything. So now Kari gets him! I put him on a little tote bag I got at Hobby Lobby. Good bag for her to take stuff to/from work or for books. Speaking of books...

Kari's kind of a book freak, so I thought she might like some cute bookmarks. I got the idea here. I originally made three, but the cats got the blue one. Oops...

She mentioned that she was considering doing a nautical-type look in her master bedroom, so I wrapped up some candles with rope and threw in the extra rope. These aren't too theme-y, so if she changes her mind, she can always use these in another space.

Finally, some easy extras: shells (for the nautical room) and some letter stickers (because you can never have enough of those, right?).

This was fun, and although it came at a time when life was really busy, it was a nice distraction. And who doesn't love getting non-bill, non-junk, non-important mail?

Hope you enjoy, Kari!


  1. Awesome package! I'm sure she loved it :) Thank you for participating in PP!!

  2. The personalized thank you cards are such a great idea! They would be a great addition to baby and wedding shower gifts too!


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