May 6, 2012

House Before and After: Guest Bathroom

Hope everyone is finishing up a wonderful weekend. We had our housewarming party last night, and it was a lot of fun. I'm so thankful to finally have space to have friends and family over without feeling super cramped.

On to the next room reveal! I don't really have a lot to say about this one other than letting you know that the guest bathroom was REALLY, VERY, UTTERLY disgusting. And ugly. And it needed help ASAP. Here's the vanity area before:

And AFTER! My goal was to make this room just feel clean and relaxing for our guests.

For anyone who might be interested... the vanity and top came from Lowe's, the lighting is from Home Dept (I think...) and the mirror is from Southeastern Salvage. And yeah... we replaced the toilet.

We replaced ALL the toilets :)

More views:

The shower/tub area was just really awful. The tile was grayish purple and pink. And the tub was really stained.

AFTER, praise the Lord!

It's sort of hard to tell, but the mosaic tile has shades of blue, gray, cream, brown, and green. Mostly blue-ish gray tones, though.

This next pictures shows our unconventional shower curtain rod situation. We like using curved bars because it adds a lot of room to the shower space, but once we installed it, we though it looked kind of weird having about a foot of tile sticking out past the curtain. So we installed a straight bar for the actual shower curtain so it lines up with the edge of the tile, and the curved bar holds the shower curtain liner. Not sure if any of that makes sense... so just come visit us and we'll explain. haha

So, yeah, I'm happy with how this room turned out. Just need to get some art or something up on the walls to balance out all the white and blue. But before I go, I have to share my favorite detail in this bathroom... ;)

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