September 23, 2011

Pom Pom Wreath

This is one of the projects that I swore I would never do again (because of the time it takes and the fluffy mess it makes... and the occassional blister on my hand), but because its so darn cute I can't help myself! I've become slightly obessed with wreaths, and one of the first wreaths I ever made was this one using pom-poms that has been on my front door for months now. (Don't worry, I have plans to update for the fall!) It looks so cute on our door, and matches the color scheme I'm using for the front porch so well. I really need to get a picture of the whole porch so you can see our "newish" furniture, pillows, and rug!

Do you love that little owl on the steps as much as I do? You probably can't love it as much as I do...

A closer look. It's so retro-y and fun! And poofy!

Please understand that this is not a project you're going to finish one afternoon, but if you can work on it a little at a time I promise it's worth it! And it's time consuming but really easy. I even worked on some of the pom poms during my lunch break at work a couple of times. Interested in making one of your own? Here goes!

yarn (use one color or multipe colors, I just would recommend using at least three)
wreath form

1. Cut a piece of yarn.... I don't know how long it is exactly but I usually did it the length of one of our toss pillows on the couch. This doesn't have to be exact, so let's say ten inches or so. Lay this piece of yarn on a flat surface.

2. Wrap yard around your hand. I wrapped it around my hand 50-60 times. You could do this same wrapping process on something smaller or bigger than your hand depending on the size pom poms you want. Cut after making your desired number of loops

3. Lay your hand on top of the cut piece of yarn and slide the looped yarn off of your hand. The loops should be at the center of the cut piece of yarn. Here I'm just doing the same thing on my white, freckly, "I promise I'm wearing shorts!" legs :)

4. Wrap the cut piece of yarn around the loops and tie a knot.

5. Using your scissors, cut all the loops, leaving you with a crazy-looking stringy creature.

6.  Trim the pom pom until it's as small as you want. This picture shows a pom pom before and after.

7. Begin attaching the pom poms to your wreath. Whenever I use these straw wreaths, I leave the plastic on to avoid getting straw everywhere.  This is what the back will look like.  I recommend leaving the back pom-pom free so it will lay flat on your door/wall. If you look closely you'll see the price tag still attached...from Goodwill! Believe it or not I even get a lot of my craft supplies from Goodwill. The wreath and two of the shades of yarn for this wreath were bought at Goodwill. Score!

Here's my finished wreath! Because I bought partially-used portions of yarn from Goodwill, I ran out of the two pinkish colors first, so that's why there's more black, but I don't think it looks bad. It's so much cuter in person, but I understand that it's not everybody's style. 

And here it is in its new home, my office door at work:

What do you think? Do you love it or would you leave it? Because of the fluffy-soft texture of this kind of wreath, I think it would be adorable in a nursery. Can't you picture it in baby blues and white?

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  1. what a great wreath! I love it! Thanks so much for linking up to Tuesday Talent Show! I would love to have you stop by and link up again tomorrow with more great projects!


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