October 4, 2011

Gettin my Fall on!

A quick Google search tells me that the first day of fall this year was September 23, but I beg to differ. In my world, fall began this past Sunday afternoon when I wore my first scarf of the season and had my first ever pumpkin spice latte. It was sort of like the best day ever.

After an afternoon avoiding the house so my dear husband could focus on homework (and I could do a little shopping...) I came home and met up with my frenemy, the glue gun and we spent the evening together working on a new wreath for our front door to celebrate the season! This was by no means an uber creative project, but it was CHEAP and still turned out really cute, so I call it a success.

This summer when I started getting really excited about making wreaths, Adam brought home a stack of cardboard circles that are somehow used in shipping/packaging at his work but I guess eventually just get thrown away. I love that he thought of me when he saw trash :) Anyway, I used one as a base for this wreath. I had also picked up some tissue paper and wire leaves at the Dollar Tree a couple of weeks ago. So I just began hot gluing the leaves to the form...

I ended up doing one circle of leaves around the outside of the form and another in the center to cover the cardboard. I was going to use a burlap-type ribbon for hanging, but I ended up using a light green satin ribbon. It matches the stuff I have on the front porch really well and allows me to keep using my springy-green pillows and flower pots into the fall season. Here's the finished product! It's sweet and simple, and although I could definitely add to it (or bend the wires in the leaves to make the wreath more full) I kind of like just the way it is!

While I was at it, I added just a couple things to the top of our piano (which I pretty much use as our "mantle" for decorating) to make it fun for the season. I reused the yarn-wrapped dollar store vases from a recent baby shower and added some cheapo grocery store flowers (still cute, no matter how cheap!) and set up a couple of pumpkins that I scored (and totally forgot about!) at a yard sale at the beginning of summer. Again, no major redecorating here, but it does make the space feel more special. The ginormous picture of the hubs and I (I gift from my aunt/wedding photographer) is not a permanent fixture up there, but we just recently had it custom-framed and have yet to decide where to hang it. I like the "leaning" look, but I don't necessarily like to have myself staring at myself while watching TV every night...

Have you begun your fall decorating? And have you fallen in love with the pumpkin spice latte yet???

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  1. Thanks for the sweet comment on my wreath. Yours turned out beautiful as well. Btw, hope you can link up sometime at my Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop. YOur blog is brimming with creativity and I admire them all.

  2. It's so pretty, Dana! Great job! I'm including a link in tomorrow's DIY Fall Festival highlights! ;)

    Thanks for sharing your creativity!


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